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The goal of a firm like Jasper isn't to create useless baubles for gullible tulip-traders. They want to automate the functions of marketers, graphic designers, and similar jobs, so their customers can get rid of relatively-expensive flesh units and replace them with social-media-drivel-on-demand services.

Stable Diffusion is already plenty good enough to generate things like advertisement background images, backgrounds for video games, and so forth. People are successfully selling SD-generated images as original art. We've had algorithmic generation of financial and sports news pieces for a while now, and we have ML systems that can generate competent, if unsurprising, genre fiction. Icon Publishing has been selling machine-written non-fiction books on demand for decades, at a healthy profit.

Jobs like marketing/communications, graphic design, and animation are in near-term peril. They won't all be wiped out immediately, but the market will shrink significantly. It will be harder for new writers to break into genre-novel publishing, which is where most of the money is for fiction writing. I don't see any barrier to automating the writing of most television and movie scripts, because 95% of them are already just "take a concept and run it through the Save the Cat! machine, with a final pass through the Joss Whedon Dialog filter".

The later 2020s are looking like a grim time for workers in the "creative" industries.

And, yeah, the same scythe is swinging for the less-demanding sort of programming jobs.

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