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This is precisely what I expected

If you read some of my earlier posts, I was saying that if they can get their hands on people's data, they will come after it. And start exercising power and control over it....

And of course they will be morality policing going on. Policing things that don't really cause people harm, or when there is only a very weak link to real-world physical harm.

See, it's all about dominance, a human instinct. And some individuals especially crave power, they have to be on top at all times.

I mentioned that a couple of days ago regarding GitHub Copilot, where the authorities could have access to every keystroke.

Now look what happened here and it arrived even faster than expected.

My God, what an Orwellian nightmare the Internet has enabled.

Hopefully the pendulum will swing back from collectivistic media such as the Internet, back to us doing more individualistic things instead. Where such surveillance cannot take place*. Making things, being creative, etc...

Just as when we had the personal computer revolution, because people were sick and tired of the mainframe and the centralised control it enabled. So we might start doing some things offline, decades from now, as the Internet gets a bad reputation from all this surveillance and control?

* = unless by that time they put cameras in our homes to "keep us safe", with automated AI monitoring. Disabling the cameras will be illegal. They will say that they must be on because they "eliminate the spaces where abuse can occur". And it will be done "for the children" too. Or to "protect women from harassment".

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