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Now you can't even scale Mount Everest without a drone buzzing overhead

Martin Gregorie

Thats nice, but...

IMO anyway, while flying a flying a drone from the summit of Mt Everest is a cool thing to have done, it doesn't come near Klaus Ohlmann's 2014 adventure when he made a 582km out-and-return soaring flight from Pokara to Mt Everest, using the point above its summit as his turnpoint. This flight was made in a Stemme VT10 self-launching glider. That flight was bookended by flying the VT10 from Germany to Pokara for a Himalayan meteorological research project based in Pokara, 126km east of Kathmandu. After his soaring flight over Everest, he flew the Stemme back to Germany from Pokara.

The Stemme was flown to and from Nepal because that was cheaper, easier and quicker than using surface transport, to say nothing of the hassle that dealing with customs and shipping paperwork would have been. Anyway, those flights would have much been more fun than sitting on a ship or in an airliner.

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