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Yep I remember even around the altitude of base camp you could make a cup of tea with boiling water and drink it without adding milk or waiting for it to cool down. Guess who forgot when we descended to lower altitudes!

Sherpas also don't understand people from Yorkshire, they'd use one small tea bag for a 2 litre flask of water, it was just slightly tinted water! Needed some Yorkshire tea to show them what tea was really like.

Coffee not needing to be as hot was OK though, there was a great bakery and coffee shop in Dingboche (though only at half the altitude of Everest) and I didn't visit but was told the knock-off Starbucks in Lukla was better than the real ones!

Back to the film the images do look amazing and remind me it is time to go back to the area (mixed emotions as several areas I visited were decimated in the earthquakes).

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