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"Our website is broken for you? What browser are you using? We only work with Chrome"

When I run across something like that, it means that company is not getting my business. I have yet to come across the situation where I don't have any alternative choices including doing without. The only one that came close was the cable company I use for my internet service. Their billing wouldn't work with any less than the latest version of Safari, but it would work with an ancient version of FireFox, go figure. For a while, if I wanted to pay my bill online, I had to use FF. They seem to have got the memo that there's no point in forcing customers to have the latest hardware and run the latest OS and browser to be able to pay their bills online. I expect that enough people just went back to paper bills and sending in checks that it became clear. My old mum doesn't need all of the latest shiny and she knows how to use what she has and has had for some time. There will be plenty of people like that.

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