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It's like Deja Vue all over again

Not only is the fact that Chrome is the browser of choice for the end user, it is the browser of choice for the web developers. In regards to MV2 & MV3 include MS Edge with Chrome since its goal is to be Chrome compatible but slurp to MS rather than Google.

Customer support script: (Earlier versions read Internet Explorer instead of Chrome)

Our website is broken for you? What browser are you using? We only work with Chrome, with all plugins disabled and javascript enabled. You also cannot block ads by any means since that breaks critical website functionality provided by our numerous affiliates and partners. You say it is working now that all plugins are disabled and adblocking is disabled and javascript is enabled, good. We are happy to have solved your problem viewing our website, good-bye.

If privacy (and security) is your goal and Google is closing the door of executing that through the browser, then it will have to be achieved outside of the browser. A netwrok web proxy is the obvious solution. Build a web proxy from a fork of Chromium MV2 so it can host MV2 privacy plugins, it may be easier than starting from scratch. All privacy oriented Chromium fork projects should get behind this proxy project for a common goal and not have to reinvent the wheel supporting continued MV2 in their own projects. There will be a need for ongoing development since the ad industry will circumvent blocking. Control from the browser should be prohibited since what can be controlled from Chromium forks can also be controlled from Chrome, Edge, and Chromium, i.e. to disable ad blockers and slurp filters.

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