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Nature of the Charges

The difference here is the nature of the charges, which for these two, are of a non-financial nature.

From what I've seen, execs facing finance-related charges, typically fraud and conspiracy, tend to get off, unless (a) their executive rank is relatively low-on-the-totem-pole, or (b) the amount defrauded is low.

Execs facing fraud charges for really, really big amounts tend to get off, unless they've angered someone with both a lot of money and power. That may be because the execs with the most potential for major-money fraud (usually insider trading) are those highest on the totem pole, and consequently were already rich and had rich and powerful friends with influence to help them. It also may be that because they are rich, they can afford extremely effective defense attorneys.

Stalking is not considered "white-collar crime".

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