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European carriers again call for Big Tech to fund network builds

John Brown (no body) Silver badge

Yep. At it's simplest, from the point of view of, say, Netflix, it doesn't matter how much content they make available, none of it passes over the network unless a user/customer requests that data, and that user/customer is already paying their ISP for the use of the network. On the other hand, the likes of Netflix have created a huge demand for data and so users want to use more data capacity on the ISPs networks. But the ISPs are generally in a race to the bottom on "all you can eat" pricing. I pay for a 100Mb/s connection. It's plenty for our household and it's about the lowest package I can get from Virgin Media. If I could drop to 50Mb/s I might consider it if it was cheaper, but I'd probably still use the same amount of data. Ditto with regard to upgrading to a faster package. Same data usage, but some of it would be for a shorter time.

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