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Re: Super. This "cmstp.exe" thing looks way too dangerous to have on users systems

"since we know that most of us are going to click on: https://sexy.bunny/love-me"

What I've been getting a bunch of lately are invoices or receipts for goods ordered that have a link disguised and labeled as a .pdf copy. All of them have been very poorly done, but I worry that somebody more sophisticated could send one of those to my mom masquerading as being from a local store she might shop at. I never have a receipt emailed to me as can be an option these days mainly because I don't hand shops my email address. Lots of people do, though. If my mom did that and then gets a phishing letter, she might click the link.

Something that needs to be taught and taught and driven home by electroshock therapy is never to click links in an email. If a company sends a legitimate notice, you should not use their link but log into your account directly with a URL you know is correct. A problem I notice is that some companies make it impossible to find that notice if you don't use the link rather than it being on top if you log in.

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