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Autumn's GTC shows who Nvidia really cares about

Michael Habel

>Implying that some Cheeto dust covered Booty-Caller gamer is (or was), their customer. Perhaps more like EVGAs customer. But, the saw the light, and bailed. There is only one way you could ever justify nVidias insane pricing, and that is precuring their Card(s) to do production work cranking out the odd bit/eth/Dog eCoins. Where you stood a chance to make your money back, plus a nice bonus on top.

Alas Bitcoin got mined out, and Ethereum closed the door on GPUs.... For the moment, given how big that market was, and still is to some... I suspect either nVidia will either develop proper ASICs for them, at the current prices, Or some new wonder coin will crop up again. Either way this is just the eye of the hurricane.

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