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European carriers again call for Big Tech to fund network builds

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Telcos here entered a price competition to sustain their share prices (and executives bonuses) basing them on the wrong metrics - i.e. "new users".

While in the late 1990s a new user was a genuinely new users, today is mostly a zero sum game, your "new" users come from other telcos, which will lower their prices as well to get their "new" users again. They killed their own margins. I used to pay about 50 euro for a telephone line + ADS, now I pay 26 for a VDSL and unlimited VoIP calls. Some people on a GPON FTTH connection pay even less.

They killed their own margins in attempts to re-establish the old monopoly they had.

Big Tech shoud be taxed fairly to pay for their share infrastructure expenses - since there's a lot of subsidies to build modern network - but it's better to let States spend money while requiring to reach most citizens, that let telco get the money, build little, and fatten executives and shareholders bank accounts.

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