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Charter won't pay out $7b after cable installer murdered woman. Just $1b instead



Anyone can appeal anything but in this instance, the law of respondent superior applies. If not for Charter or Spectrum, this killer would not have been on the premises and allowed inside the home TO REPAIR OR INSTALL CHARTER OWNED EQUIPMENT. More simply this murderous chap was not a subcontractor, nor was he acting independently of his employ. To the contrary, he was using company equipment, a company truck, company reputation, etc.

The company is responsible for hiring, training and actions of the servant by the master. The Jury found this so errant they awarded treble damages for gross negligence.

This has happened before... Skyline Chem-Dry and Stanley Steamer murders... Carpet cleaning seems to be a job criminals find enjoyable. And who knows better about cleaning up blood residue than Stanely Steamer?

Maybe this Chap from Spectrum should have called Stanely Steamer... Then he might still be handling service calls for Charter and Spectrum.

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