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Autumn's GTC shows who Nvidia really cares about


DLSS still just smacks of we didn't develop the GPU for consumers and as such we've decided to saddle you with tensor cores and so you don't think we're wasting silicon and creating a power virus we've decided AI upscaling is worth while, meanwhile AMD does some upscaling without the need for AI and users would be hard pushed to tell which is which and it works on every GPU.

Sure it means that if you have an nvidia you can have a play with doing machine learning but I suspect that's a vanishingly small number of people.

I guess my GTX1070 should be upgraded, but I'm not bothering it was the first nvidia card i've bought since the geforce 256 all those years ago and its always been bothersome with displayport, i've exclusively bought Radeons since then and I think when I do finally upgrade I'll be buying a Radeon again.

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