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Charter won't pay out $7b after cable installer murdered woman. Just $1b instead

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Read the earlier article

.... before going Wtf.

" It was alleged in testimony that Holden had complained to his bosses that he was penniless and desperate... It was further alleged that he had stolen credit cards and checks from elderly Spectrum subscribers, and that the corporation turned a blind eye to a pattern of theft by its installers and technicians."

" The court heard how Holden was not working the day he killed Thomas, and went out to her home anyway to rob her. He was able to use his company keycard to access a Charter vehicle lot and drive off in one of its service vans even though he was off-duty."

" Holden lied about his employment history – such as not revealing he had been previously fired – which wasn't checked by Charter when it hired him and would have been one of many red flags against him... Holden would break down crying at work, at one point was convinced he was a former Dallas Cowboys football player, suffered from insomnia, and was probably sleeping overnight in his Spectrum van."

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