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Federal agencies buying Americans' internet data challenged by US senators

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We know you know, you know.

> The Defense Department last year responded to his queries but applied a classification that prevents Wyden from making the details public.

But we can guess! Maybe something along the lines of

Dear Mr. Wyden,

We acknowledge your request for data, we knew you were going to ask that as we regularly monitor your email and web activity. If you want to know what it is that we know about you, just look at your own browser history. It's all there (though we suspect someone else has been using your computer, unless you are a fan of oiled-up bunny rabbits)

In closing, let me say that while you are now aware of this information, we have classified this report as Top Friggin' Secret. That means that the only copies are in our files, In your possession and scattered around Mar a Lago. Possibly now in Putin's dacha, too.

Have a nice day.

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