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Gets the noggin jogging if nVidia would have it so to create YACC that can only be hashed best using their reassuringly expensive Cards. Which only start to make sense if you'd choose to see it as a Commercial item sold to recoop its loss inside six months. Problem is Ethereum has gone 100% ASIC, the Bitcoin mine has gone dry, and the other shite-tier Coins just aren't worth the bother.

Of course it also keeps me up at night wondering if they could at least in theory, even get away with it, assuming they can manage to stay three steps behind it, with out anyone finding out about it.

But, if nVidia think for a second anyone sane is going to blow 2k€ on a Graphics Card, they must be high AF!

More is the genuine pitty that intel's leadership sucks balls. First by getting perma-stuck at 14nm, than not being able to develop a working ARC Chip, so as to be competitive against these two knuckleheads. Cause AMD are definitely not any better. 850$ RX580s in late winter 2020 anyone?

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