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I've been around long enough to have been a 3DFX customer, my first Voodoo II and then Voodoo II SLI set up back in the later half of the 90's. I had the top end Voodoo 3 and then a Voodoo 5 (6500?).

I remember when they went out of business and nvidia bought them out... promising to provide support and drivers for 3DFX owners... and then once they had that SLI IP... went nah... fuck you lot.

Never owned an nvidia GPU since and likely never will. My whole process of buying my PC stuff is one of value for money vs performance. nVidia have always fallen way down the list in that regard.

trying to sell a 4070 for 200 more than the last gen 3080 whilst 'pretending it's a 4080 is a bullshit move.

I paid £635 for a 6900XT a couple of months back after I sold my 5700XT to a mate for £150 (about £100 below avg used prices). You couldn't even get a 3070 for that price in the UK.

nVidia admitted to with holding stuck to try and keep the prices of 30xx series cards high as the market became flooded with used mining cards. I've seen used 3090 cards going for 500 now.

This only further cements my position that nvidia are a scummy company... who are deluding themselves that they artificially high prices of the previous 18 months during the shortages, crypto boom and scalping... are here to stay and I hope they suffer because of it.

Fingers crossed that RDNA3 can help AMD do to nvidia what they've been doing to intel... and that they stick as close tot heir previous pricing as before... a 7900XT for the price of a 16gb 4080 would certainly send a message, and still increases the price of previous gen by 200... even better would be to stick with the same 999 price tag

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