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Long term

I wonder how this is going to play out long term. I learnt a lot in the various offices I worked in and I'm working with grads who did two years of uni at home and are pretty f-ing useless.

It's my job to bring them up to speed with 30 mins of teams meetings a week.

Posting anon not to offend. They are friendly folk. But if they _never_ spend a frenzied push in the office surviving on Coca-Cola and pizza you kinda wonder if they might spend their entire careers mediocre.

I spend many a happy 16 hour day at the faculty and many more in offices around the world. Working directly with great people.

I asked if we could have a get together for a week but they all live two hours from any major city.

In short: wfh is great, but it's a shitty learning experience.

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