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Apple patches iPhone and macOS flaws under active attack

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By dropping back to a 802.11a (2.4GHz), you can save energy. Provided the connection is there and you can hear and talk to the WAP to pass just a few keep alive packets every minute you don't need the bit rates and low latency that 2.4GHz/5GHz 802.11ac/ax/be gets you with its time-division and channel-multiplexing, and fancy-schmancy signal processing and MIMO etc. If you have a WiFi connected remote, then WOL can renegotiate the WiFi and bring up the connection quite rapidly - as fast as it takes a TV to switch input, negotiate the HDMI and audio standards and warm up the LED backlight (if it has one). Heck, you don't even need to turn on those higher rate standards until you need the bandwidth. You wouldn't notice the difference between 54mbps and 433mbps when scrolling through the Netflix or TV+ menus.

It's a bit like BLE. And why not use BLE as a remote technology? Allows you to hide your streamer away behind the TV (like a fire stick) where IR can't reach.

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