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Apple patches iPhone and macOS flaws under active attack

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You don’t need an Apple device to watch Ted Lasso. Just an AppleTV+ subscription. And you can get that on a Samsung or Sony TV (and, doubtless, other brands as well). It’s well worth it by the way, not only for Ted Lasso but also for The Morning Show, Bad Sisters, See, For All Mankind…

AppleTV+ is a shit show.

My daughter received a new iPhone last year and it included 3 months worth of AppleTV.

I watched all content forth watching easily in that time, maybe 5 movies (=50% of all AppleTV+ movie content!), and a couple TV series. It is baffling how empty the store is. Windows App Store looks packed to brim compared to AppleTV+. It's like arriving at an empty airplane hangar.

For All Mankind is a great show. Ted Lasso also worked for me. Foundation looked good but it's mostly empty and has quite nothing to do with the Asimov books.

Unlike Netflix, AppleTV+ only has content produced by Apple. They also offer other content through their service but you need to pay for them.

Because Apple has started producing movies, TV shows and documentaries only quite recently, it is hard to justify buying into AppleTV+ when all the competition has hundred times (and probably more) more material available for roughly the same price.

Perhaps Apple is aiming only for quality, although it's mostly mediocre. IMHO, Netflix typically has maybe one good movie/series among 10-20 new (crappy) ones But they have done this much longer so there's a whole lot more good stuff to watch. And if you run out of their original programming, there's a whole lot more of classic TV series from Monty Python to ST:TNG to Seinfeld and whatnot.

Outside of iThings, Apple only produces an app for AndroidTV, but nothing for Android phones / tablets. Due to this I ended up watching everything on my Android tablet / PC laptop at AppleTV+ website with browser. Unpleasant and I ended up canceling the subscription before the trial ended.

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