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You know about Solyndra and Beacon and other Gov Picked Winner Lovelies...

But can you pick a single winner in any US Gov scheme to pick winning technologies and catapult the US to the Centre of the Universe? In 2003. Bush II was giving away billions for hydrogen cars and hydrogen gas stations. Where are they today? Even Carter was in on the winners' gig. He gave millions to create solar cell technology. Not one commercial product came out of that one.

When it comes to the biggest technology bust it is the Farmer growing corn for Ethanol. It costs more in diesel fuel energy than the energy created by Ethanol. On the order of 70,000 BTUs per gallon. It has cost taxpayers billion to subsidize these fat cat corn farmers. Quite pathetic.

Now ware here with Biden, another peanut-brained politician who is going to make the USA the centre of the semiconductor world with $52 Billion taxpayer dollars.

The story is always the same. Solyndra was going to bring in 3000 jobs. Gov gave them half a billion for 3000 jobs? That is $167,000 for each job. Oh, and the company was run by a former INTEL executive. That is 'run into bankruptcy in two years.

It is not that the Government doesn't have a track record. They do have a track record of 100% failure. No wonder these companies are trying to get their bowl of gravy. Real-life estimates say it will cost 300% more to fab a chip in Murica than in Asia. That is NOT COMMERCIALLY VIABLE... In every instance of Gov picking winners, there was NO Commercially viable product produced or production advantage. NONE! The list is endless... OBAMA BATTERY FACTORIES... CHUCK SCHUMER proclaimed HYBRID CARS WERE THE FUTURE in 2008. Weill CHUCK PICKED WRONG! But he is still in office and 100% behind the Chip's Act...

And who is in charge? Gov weights and measures... this is the same Gov that has never officially adopted metrics, measures temp in Fahrenheit, Of course now with BREXIT, we get to go back to Stone weight.

In the 1950's the great moral question in Murica was... "Should Muricans share their nuclear bomb shelter with neighbours who were clawing on the door to get in as the bombs were incoming?" And today the moral question is should the Gov handouts be given to illegal aliens or foreign technology companies, especially those from CHINER or KOREA or even JAPAN? Are they really our friends... or as Trump would say, "THEY ARE EATING OUR LUNCH AND RIPPING US OFF!" Three Double cheese whoppers from Burger King are not generally lunch for Asians.

"Hortense, if you open that Bomb Shelter Door to let Blanche and her baby in, you may as well just leave and stay outside!" Sometimes hard love is the only switch from the Hickory tree that works. As the executives of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company and Samsung... look at the ceiling... then each other... THE ANSWER IS NO! US DOLLARS ARE FOR MURICAN COMPANIES ONLY!

I am afraid that TSCM and SAMSUNG need to consider Plan C, CHINER.

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