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But while the article is a bit fawning, Simon appears to be writing it from inside a VMware press event, which in addition to being a very biased sample of the VMware user base, might discourage a more impartial write up.

I mean it's the Reg: "Integrity? We've heard of it" is what happens to the other hand, when another vulture is busy "Biting the hand that feeds it"

And to be fair, the rag has covered our concerns about the takeover for some time, and given us this fine space to point out the articles smash mouth coverage of the issue. (Meant in the best tradition of ball busting, there are realities to fallout from calling out the master of the house in the middle of their own press event, and tech companies can be petty and hold grudges. Remind me when was the last time the Reg was invited to an Apple event?)

Someone at the show ask Simon if he feels dirty and then wash him down with a bottle of scotch. I'd offer, but we already grabbed coat and hat, where we are going doesn't involve spending time at an ex-vendors trade show.

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