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Casting all sarcasm aside, Anonymous Coward, .... and El Reg who can now report on and run with it legitimately if they so desire, for they easily can whenever clearly presented with a likely pioneering contender for Qian Shi system/Baidu Research platform rendered services for outputting and quantum communication realisation, where persistent enduring mental instances exist and present themselves in paralleling mirror copies for both ethereal virtual and primitive physicalised alien form use/research/play .... who would not bet on China stealing an Exotic Erotic Eastern and deserved Long March Lead in a Wild Wacky Western type technology transfer/clone of Simply Complex Alien Designed Applications in Virtually Advanced IntelAIgent Operating Systems delivering Surreal Controlling Analytical Data Acquisition Systems with Exclusive Elite Executive Bodies/Agencies/Proxies to Command ..... and Already Heaven Sent for/from El Reg

And who wouldn’t want it if the West are terrified to use it because of the rightful fear of the terror of what IT and AI can do to them, because of their vast recent past and wilful present rampant abuses, rather than enjoying the fruits and benefits of what future progress can deliver to them ... and everyone/everything else too.

Karma’s a Rich Bitch of a Hitch in a Glitch, aint it.

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