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Weasel words let weasels wriggle and wriggle

"Sale" gets tricky, as if you take a narrow view then the company will "trade" or "gift" the data to whatever third party they want, then coincidentally that company will pay generously for some other valueless "service" to white wash the books.

If you don't believe me look into how the US radio stations laundered literal pay-for-play money by buying stations radio playlists, a practice that continued well into the internet streaming era.

Also, being an idiot who fell of the turnip truck and just giving data to a 3rd party with no return of value should still be actionable if that party uses or discloses that information against the consent or without the knowledge of the object of that data. Because you know, ...they are people. And as we are seeing across the American south, leaking someone's purchase of prenatal vitamins could result in stalkers, vigilante lawsuits, or murder charges.

This is some of many reasons that data transfers need to be regulated and restricted, opt-in only, and revocable. They also need sharp enough teeth that companies won't risk or just decide to pay the fines. Yes the companies will whine, no the world won't end, and few people will miss the scumbag outfits this will kill off.

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