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China's Baidu enters quantum computing chat with Qian Shi system

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Why not shoot for the sky?

"Baidu appears to be aware of this challenge and has developed a software platform for quantum computers, called Liang Xi, that enables access to quantum services via mobile app, PC, or the cloud. At launch the search provider says the system supports both its Qian Shi system and the trapped ion quantum device developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences."

Why limit yourselves? Shoot for the sky. Make a crystal ball, it records the future and you look inside to see how things turn out!

How? Make it out of anti-matter!

If anti matter is travelling backwards in time, then a man made of anti-matter has memories of the future, just as you have memories of your past. His past is your future and your future is his past. And so a recorder ('crystal ball') made of anti-matter, would be full of memories of your future.

Sure, its ridiculous, if you made an anti-matter particle at t=0, then why does it still exist at t=1? It cannot possibly be travelling backwards in time. Only a few scientists actually believe that crap, but its still there in the math unfixed, unaddressed. It's not fraud if its peer reviewed!

Slap a rack of servers around it, "we no longer sell our crystal ball directly, you can access its results using a cloud API, our cloud API will determine the best routing, for simple problems, that don't require the all-seeing anti-matter crystal ball, it can be routed to a tarot reader or astrologer. For more complex problems, our magic 8-ball plugin may be used, tea leaf, or our shakra readings. It's QUANTUM SCIENCY!"

"Then when we get our crystal-ball to work, you will immediately be able to take advantage of its amazing predictive power. Future proofing your business. Well, that is, if the future wasn't predetermined by our model, making knowing it irrelevent to its outcome!"

Sarcasm aside, I suspect its more to sell the cloud services. You want all the checkboxes checked on your cloud service. If you want a full scale optimizer, a massive cloud already configured to deliver a bulk solver is an API you could sell on that cloud, and they probably looked in their crystal balls, and realized that adding that check box is useful marketing, even if the checkbox itself is not.

Also "mobile app"???

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