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80,000 internet-connected cameras still vulnerable after critical patch offered

John Brown (no body) Silver badge

"who puts their fscking cameras on the net anyway?"

Home users who want 24/7 operation and quite likely don't even have a PC at home any more, at best a laptop, and may only have a tablet or a mobile phone these days. Few will have anything running as a server 24/7 just so their home cameras will work.

Home users who want Internet of Tat gadgets don't want to be bothered with network security, managing servers or any of the stuff we Reg readers think about every day. They just want to plug it in and see it work within 5 minutes of opening the box and following the one page pictorial instruction sheet. That means everything need to be internet facing and talking to cloud providers. They don't care about and don't remember things like entire home automation systems being made redundant because Nest or whoever no longer support the back-end systems any more. Until it bites them. Then they'll moan and move on to the next shiny thing.

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