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Nvidia will unveil next-gen GPU architecture in September

Phil Dalbeck


The greedy b******ds have been willfully screwing the core PC gamer market for the last several years by pandering to crypto miners and allowing cards to be funnelled directly to them en-masse, while also allowing scalping of what does make it to the retail channel by both resellers and opportunistic hustlers.

I hear they are currently stuck with loads of existing 3xxx series GPU inventory that crypto-bro's havent bought, and are also locked in to a massive non-cancellable wafer and fab time reservation from TMSC for all the new 4xxx series chips that miners now don't want and gamers simply won't pay for given the glut of servicable 3xxx stock now flowing from both the warehouses and miners trying to liquidate their farms.

"Hell mend them all" as my old mum used to say.

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