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Another playground for rich narcissists

By "tourists" and "everyone" they (Bezos) means "ego-driven publicity stunt excursions into the ultimate act of conspicuous consumption".

That's how this all got started, after all. With Bezos strapping himself to a rocket for a look-at-me joyride. Even Ego Musk hasn't done that.

This does not represent a "democratization" or "all of humanity" event to even the slightest degree. This is simply the highest gated community on the highest hill looking down on the most peasants possible. It's the aristocratization of space, in which the only "merit" is the size of one's wallet. Do they have the right to do this? Not sure, as there is no law or other jurisdiction in space... but at the very least we can be sure to call it what it is, and call it out for what it isn't.

Don't lie about what you're doing up there, Bezos, Musk.

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