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China's only a 'rouge nation' because our political machine and its propaganda arm have deemed it so. In real life there's a huge flow of commerce between China and the US which mostly benefits the US rather than China. Choking it off would cause serious disruptions in the US which would get the politicians leaned on very hard by their sponsors. So we have form over function. Surprised?

The thing is, while we're faffing around playing games with 'sanction of the week' China is just moving right along, doing its thing, sorting out answers to our annoyances (7nM anyone?) and so the gap between 'us' and 'them' keeps widening. Its now at the point where if I had to choose between 'the west' and China I'd probably bet on China (obviously I can't because my government in its infinite wisdom has banned me from investing in China -- this being a bit of a boon to a country that's got a surplus of capital that needs investing)(our legislators can't get it into their thick heads that depriving China of the latest smartphone chips is hardly going to slow them down, its just going to annoy them and give them a national goal to go for.)

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