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The trade ban that wasn't: US allows 94% of restricted tech exports to China anyway



The Great Decoupling is on every social media soapbox in the USA and UK... It is even on Amazon where reviewers grouse and say "I Don't Buy Chinese JUNK" But your modem and smartphone are made in China as are 98% of your power and manual hand tools... The Great cry to become Amish... Your kids don't need those fancy drones... give them 1930-style MURICAN wood toys where they can use their imaginations.

These arguments always convert downward to complaints about AMAZON, WALMART etc. as GLOBALISTS!

Well, the government knows you are idiots. What they say to you and what they do are two different things. Why should the US damage Qualcomm for some rednecks in Arkansas that carve wood toys? But they need the dope's votes. Just like Tommy Tuberville or whatever he's named... "I hates China... Chiner is bad... Decouple" Meanwhile this sport is buying Alibaba stock options. He knows you, he even talks Southen Fried Redneck for you... just for you... The more cornpone he feeds you the more he stuffs his pockets with insider trades.

So get this down... POLITICIANS tell you what you want to hear. So you jump up and down screaming "That'll show CHINER!" Meanwhile, much smarter Qualcomm engineers don't end up on the breadlines and you get to carve your wood toys for your children, while Grandma buys them drones.

Gee thanks for the wood truck.... dad

"Hey Grandma can this drone drop bombs on that wood truck?"

"I don't know... maybe we should go visit Uncle Ted Kazinski in prison and ask."

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