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I worked at an NHS Trust

The file servers got ransomewared on a weekly basis.

Every penny has to be spent on patients, so sod the staff and sod the systems. They can't been seen to spend tens of thousands of pounds on something intangible such as software licences. The buildings are sweaty, depressing and dilapidated.

There are umpteen Windows domains because the neighbouring NHS Trusts went bust and had to be taken on.

It's famously impossible to get sacked from the NHS, so the IT department is stuffed full of incompetent people and bullies.

Services have to be available 24/7 "because of patients", meaning there is literally no downtime, meaning nothing ever gets patched because you can't even take a server offline for fives minutes to do a reboot.

You're stuck with obsolete third-party software that does things like rely on SMB 1.

Etc etc

And that's why I no longer work there.

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