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Intel, Amazon, and SpaceX asked to tuck into DARPA's Space-BACN

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but why would Spacex want to work with other satellite or rocket companies?

One the one hand - as you say - they are the market leader and have little to gain now.

But taking a broader view, OneWeb is going to happen eventually and SpaceX will have competition. If OneWeb (and others) are tied into government/military interconnect nodes then this could exclude SpaceX from hypothetical future contracts.

Looking at fairly recent history, SpaceX will not wish to be the next AOL - a perfectly decent but isolated service. Obviously there are differences - SpaceX aren't creating a walled content environment. They're "just" an ISP.

But if other services are able to mesh directly with orbital nodes (which may then become orbital IXPs, or relays to nodes in orbit around the Mun or other places) then this is going to give them a performance and capability advantage over a provider who is only doing sat-to-sat comms internally and routing traffic down to a ground station to inter-network. It does them no harm to keep their hand in.

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