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I have been using Parallels for about 10 years on Mac and have a few licences. They got me over to the subscription but for my usage I am now finding it a bit steep. I have an M1 Mac and have tried the ARM windows, it does work well, but I have also tried UTM and if anything it give me much more control.

UTM is based on QEMU and works on pretty much anything as an emulator or virtual machine for the same CPU for better performance.

UTM makes QEMU much more user friendly.

One problem I have always had with Parallels is graphics driver support with Linux. Every update to Parallels Tools for the last 10 years it seems like to breaks graphics driver support and I have to go picking away on the command line to try and fix and sometimes fail. I have never had this kind of problem with VMWare.

I think it sounds like the price gouging is time for me to give up on it.

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