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NASA's six-mile-wide orbital telescope is 1/6th built


No real warning for Earth then?

If this constellation of SmallSats is in orbit around Earth at 22,000 miles and according to the article:

"SunRISE's SmallSats will connect together to act as a single antenna used to detect radio wave bursts that indicate a solar event that could have an impact on human space activities."

then I very much doubt that an event that happens 93m miles away and the light from which takes 8 1/3 minutes to get to Earth, so having this telescope so close (at 0.000236559 of the Sun-Earth distance away, will give scientists about ~0.0002 * 8.33 minutes = 0.0019 minutes of "warning" - about 0.11 of a second !!

Hardly useful ?

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