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I had to use Teams in a previous all-Microsoft-desktop shop; it was pretty awful. Mostly because (as a Linux person) I was lost in a sea of poorly-"integrated" Microsoft products to do anything and everything, with Teams at the intersection of the lot.

To be fair, the Teams chat and meeting functions were okay, and mostly worked ... mostly. But they were nothing special, no step up from the other usual suspects (zoom, slack et al). As long as you were committed to the Corporate IT Microsoft paradigm, you could muddle along. Assuming you didn't mind the interrupt-driven communication channel, anyway.

Since then, as an individual non-corporate user, I've rarely had to deal with Teams, but recently was invited to a new job interview which would use Teams. I'd been down that road before (e.g. interviewing for the previous job) so didn't expect it to be any worse, even with my Linux laptop, but discovered otherwise.

In a nutshell, I couldn't find a working combination of Linux + browser anymore that would successfully connect to the remote corporate Teams meeting. I don't have any Windows systems at home, so no help there. CentOS 7, Alma 8, Debian 10, Firefox (apparently simply unsupported altogether), Chromium, all failed to successfully join the Teams meeting, even though my side claimed to connect.

Still don't really know what the problem was, but I'm basically resigned at this point to not working at any companies which are all-Microsoft on the desktop. I can muddle along with Outlook/O365 OK, but Teams and the like are pretty much a non-starter for me now.

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