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But does it work?

I have moved on from Macs (phew!) that were a work-imposed business need, but the Mac product hasn't disappeared and other people still develop and support it.

Parallels is an essential tool for R&D and QA, but not for Windows. Rather, we use it to run multiple versions of macOS in VMs, for testing and not to screw up the main workstation by accident. Unfortunately for my colleagues with newer M1 Macs (I have one as a test machine, but I run Parallels on a somewhat older Intel Macbook, and it's OK there) Parallels on M1, up to and including v17, simply does not work as a virtualization system is expected to work. You can create and run a VM, but you can't take a snapshot, can't clone, can't reconfigure an existing VM - the stuff that works on Intel. So it's basically unusable. This was the situation just a few days ago - the last time someone here tried, again.

It certainly looks like Parallels (like Jamf and others) are chasing Apple's tail, and Apple don't care about the ecosystem at all. In fairness, Apple's target audience consists of freelance graphics designers rather than enterprises (or 3rd party software vendors who develop products for said enterprises), so from their PoV it makes sense.

I certainly hope everything "just works" in Parallels v18. Some of my colleagues just might start breathing again.

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