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US treasury whips up sanctions for crypto mixer Tornado Cash

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"It would be much easier and more secure to create a new anonymous wallet, and transfer the funds from there. the use of a Tumbler Service on the funds being sent would probably act as a red flag in the first place. So you know it would be a dumb idea anyway."

You may be unfamiliar with how wallets work. You can create any number of them, but how do you intend to get value into them? The only way to transfer value into a wallet is by sending it from another one. If you fund a new anonymous wallet from a known one, people can track that. So if you send your funds from a known wallet, where they currently are, through a chain of new ones you've just created, any analysis of the transfer activity can identify what you've done with a lot of clarity. You could make it a little better by using old anonymous wallets you stockpiled a while ago, but if they were inactive, it will still be obvious, and if they were active, it becomes easier to make other guesses as to who has them and what they're used for. I don't think you're going to fund spies with a Bitcoin-style cryptocurrency any time soon, but if you do, your suggested approach will be unlikely to work.

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