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US treasury whips up sanctions for crypto mixer Tornado Cash

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A few examples:

-supporting groups that oppose oppressive government or religious extremists, if one lacks an appetite for being attacked by the opposed groups

-avoiding being targeted by criminals for extortion

-paying for services that, while legal, you might wish to remain private (e.g. abortions, sexual health services, counselling), for yourself or others

You may be able to do these with cash but, as with using Tumbler services (and mentioned elsewhere), merely withdrawing cash in large amounts can be the subject of scrutiny. Against this, as I mentioned before, it puts cryptocurrencies on a par with fiat and fungible wealth stores in facilitating corruption.

One could equally make the argument that there's no legitimate, legal reason why one would wish to have their communications secured from the government (i.e. having a back door in encryption) but I don't think that undermines the right to privacy. The inability to imagine legitimate uses does not render the subject illegitimate and arguing otherwise denies any limitations of imagination in the argument maker.

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