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I've had many Parallels licenses over the years, my need for virtualisation is not great and I only use it once in a while. That need is also decreasing as each year passes.

The last license I bought was for version 15. I knew I'd need to test something on an older version of MacOS in a couple of weeks so bought it to ensure I had the software ready for when it was needed. I fought with VirtualBox to get it to run MacOS, but I couldn't get it to work and thought I'd cut my loses and just purchase a Parallels licence.

I purposely bought the 'pay once, use it until it doesn't work anymore' version as I refuse to pay a yearly subscription for something I need once in a blue moon. If the older software still works then it will likely fit my needs (which it normally does for a couple of years at least).

So about 11 days after purchasing I came to the point where I actually needed to use Parallels. I installed it for the first time, entered my license details and the first thing that popped up was a window asking me to upgrade to version 16 and pay them more cash.

That's OK I thought, I've only just bought this and it's literally the first time I've installed it. Surely they can see I'm only just activating the licence and they must have a grace period for a free update if you've just purchased. Well there is and it's 10 days, so I'd missed it by a day or so. I contact support and their response is basically "tough" (but couched in nice PR language) and I'm told that if I wanted to always run the latest, then I should buy a subscription.

I don't want to always run the latest, but I would have thought 11 days is close enough to have a free upgrade (especially as I've not actually used the license yet). I'd just spent close to £100 on it, so they weren't getting any more cash from me. Being asked for more cash the first time I install something I've just purchased left a bad taste in my mouth and the support response made me vow to never pay them a penny again. I knew version 16 would be out sometime in the future and was fine with staying on version 15, but when it comes out less than 2 weeks later, and before you've actually used the version 15 license, that's a bit much. It looks like they don't even offer the pay once option now, it's subscriptions all the way.

Thanks El Reg for the heads up on UTM, looks like it will meet my lowly needs pretty well.

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