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Intel challenges Nvidia, AMD with trio of workstation GPUs

Wade Burchette

Re: Thought they binned the whole ARC line up

While I welcome more competition to the GPU market, this statement by the quoted analyst is absurd:

<< "This workstation launch kind of negates a lot of the rumors that they're going to shutdown their discrete business that they haven't even really spun up yet," he added, arguing that many of these rumors are likely borne out of fear that Intel could pose a threat to Nvidia and AMD's duopoly. >>

With the way things are going right now at Intel, I can guarantee you neither AMD nor Nvidia are not spreading these rumors about Intel's graphics division. That statement is just further proof that all of these so-called analysts are know-nothing know-it-alls. They get paid for their opinions even though they are hardly ever right. I would love to have a job where I can almost always be wrong, and people still value what I think.

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