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PPT (up to) 230W

The 5900X can suck down as much as 200W when the chipmaker's Precision Boost Overdrive — an automated overlocking profile found in the bios — is enabled.

Unless AMD has changed the way it reports TDP since the launch of its 5000-series parts, there's a good chance the chip designer's Ryzen 7900 and 7950 parts could near 300W in real-world power consumption, putting them in the same territory as Intel's 12th-gen chips.

AMD reports both the TDP and PPT of their platform. The maximum PPT of AM5 is 230W, therefore any particular CPU can in theory draw up to 230W and still be within spec for the platform. Typically, TDP*1.35 is the allowed (at stock) PPT of any particular consumer Ryzen.

AMD corrects socket AM5 for Ryzen 7000 power specs 230w peak-power 170w TDP:

"AMD would like to issue a correction to the socket power and TDP limits of the upcoming AMD Socket AM5. AMD Socket AM5 supports up to a 170W TDP with a PPT up to 230W. TDP*1.35 is the standard calculation for TDP v. PPT for AMD sockets in the “Zen” era, and the new 170W TDP group is no exception (170*1.35=229.5).

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