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Specs leak of 5.7GHz AMD Ryzen 7000 chips with double the L2 cache

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But where are the "cheap" chips?

What I'm really missing (as I've probably mentioned before) are the "good enough" desktop chips which AMD used to sell for £50 - £70 or so complete with graphics. Pushing the performance envelope is great, but when the cheapest 4000 series Ryzen 3 has a current RRP of only just under £100 as far as I can tell, and that's before you look at pricing up a separate graphics card and the fact that the 4000 series will likely be phased out as soon as these new chips are available, it's difficult these days to build a "cheap and cheerful" machine. Couldn't they have carried on producing some of the A-series? They were just fine for this kind of use.


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