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WfW 3.11?

Yes, mumble, mumble 16 bit, woteva but...

..."back in the day" I was able to shoehorn Windows for Workgroups onto machines with as little as 2MB RAM and 20MB of HDD while 4MB and 40MB seemed fairly comfortable. Since the L3 cache seems to be shared and amounts to 4MB per core with, of course, 1MB per core of dedicated L2, I wonder what WfW would run like, if tied to one core and running entirely from the caches? Or 16 of them at the same time, or 32 running in effectively 2.5MB...

Or (yes, I know I'm getting silly now) how about Windows 95, which I seem to remember worked pretty well in 16MB? Room for four of those in the L3 of the 16-core processor...


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