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...because the House Of Commons is such a good model on how to do things properly and clearly giving the general populous more say on employing more self gratifying idiots with their empty promises that evaporate upon election and swinging constantly between two opposing ideologies that between them have consistantly broken this country, well we can all see how that ends.

Democracy only works when you have no group/party with overall control (Germany) so progress is by consensus, one party with control forever (Japan) so long term planning can happen or the ideologies are not really that different. Countries doing well for long periods is generally despite the politicians (US) rather then because of them.

On topic. GDPR despite all is actual a pretty good bit of law, why not just copy it?

All the tech giants understand it so would be easy to implement for India. I am pretty certain Laws are not subject to copyright or plagiarism and by rewriting to be specific to India would be easier than reinventing the wheel, unless of course the Indian government had aspirations to steal their peoples data for their own benefit.....

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