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Every time I have almost "pulled the trigger" and ordered a Pine product, some quirk of fate---a posting in a forum, for example, complaining of a 'wart' in a product---has mercifully appeared just in time. The PinePhone and Pinebook Pro are 'victims' which came within a hair's breadth of being ordered.

Two years ago, or more, I posted a question on a Pine "official platform" asking about a problem I had seen while perusing the Pinebook Pro forums. It (the question) went something like this:

"Has the Pinebook Pro's problem of not being able to "Resume from Suspend" been fixed?"

The question was taken down in a matter of hours. I have not been able to post any comment to Pine's "official platform" since, no matter how effusive and compimentary.

I suppose I was banned, but Pine never had the decency nor common courtesy to tell me that I had been---and certainly not why.

I keep reading the "Forums" though, and am amazed at the number of comments regarding dis-functional products (what do you expect, when Pine depends on "The Community" to write--and keep updated--the software to make their product actually work); and dis-functional organization (ordering, returns, "where's my product after all these months?") appear there, and get no answer.

Life's too short.

Oh, and I almost forgot...

After all these years, has "Resume from Suspend" ever been fixed on the Pinebook Pro, Pine Micro?

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