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> Rounded corners: check

**Checks date** Yep, it isn't 2008 anymore.

> Recharge twice a day: check

My iPhone 8 plus only needed charging twice a day after 3 years, at which point I replaced the battery, so a nightly charge was all that was required.

>Osolete within 2 years: check

I had my 8 plus for four years, and it was still receiving updates every few months. Could have kept it longer, but wanted to upgrade to a fancier, new phone. My Samsung tabbie stopped receiving updates after 2 years.

>Very expensive: check

Yep, they are. But I also don't have the time, nor can I be arsed, to fiddle with my phone or tech anymore. No more going into the settings like an excited teenager. I just want the stuff to work.

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