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You've got it partially.

Tax evasion is high in Italy. Some political parties actively try to obtain evaders votes by promising tax amnesties - many were done in the past, and they are doing it right now. They like to call them "fiscal peace" now - not surprisingly they are the same who like Putin's "peace".

There is a "minimum tax" law - called "Studi di settore" which used an algorithm to compute your minimum income based on activity (the "sector"), location, etc. etc. Those algorithms got a lot of criticism (like UK IRS35, for the matter).

Reporting an income below the "study" requires you to explain it. So they are quite useless to get those who stay just above the minimum, no matter how much they evade.

There's also corruption in the tax agency and in the specialized "tax police" (although it's even part of the Army) - called "Guardia di Finanza".

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