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LockBit ransomware gang claims it ransacked Italy’s tax agency

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No useful data there

This is a true story: During COVID Italy gave money to struggling businesses. They gave me 1200 euros. Now they want me to tell them how much they gave me and when, otherwise I'll get a huge fine. Are they kidding me? They gave me money, and they don't know (or pretende they don't know) and ask me to tell them? This is how Italy works. So, no problem, that data will be useless.

Also I'm quite sure that someone il lying here, and that's not the ransomware gang. The Agenzia Delle Entrate tells us that SOGEI told them that there has been no breach, and this is a lie. We just don't know if it's the Agenzia Delle Entrate or SOGEI (of both) that are lying. The probably know there was a breach and are downplaying it.

In a week we'll see: If the data are published on the dark web, then they did not pay the ransom and of course the government will tell us that "no private data has been leaked, get over it". If nothing is published, then they have paid the ransom but they will never admit it.

Now if it was a private business that lost these data, the government would have been all over it, with fines, public shaming, trials, and so on.

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