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"Perhaps more important: will these be new journeys? Or what are they replacing?"

Impossible to know really without knowing hat the operating costs are. The manufacturer's website gives peak engine power and range but not battery capacity, so can't estimate electric power consumption/km. They say it's simple to drive/navigate, but before it's certified we don't know if it needs to be flown by an experienced captain or the air equivalent of an Uber driver. And there's also no word on maintenance requirements, although the basic idea with electric having less moving parts = less maintenance requirements probably holds true.

Given the form factor of pilot + 4 passengers I'd say it's targeted to replace helicopters, but also given the less noise generated I'm willing to bet they want to expand helicopter taxi service into urban areas where helicopters are currently not allowed. Basically an executive taxi service, which will also be priced accordingly. It's unlikely to be of use as a delivery vehicle (given a 4-passenger limit it's likely that it's load limit is at most 500kg) except for high-value / low weight items - I'm thinking medical supplies / transplant organs and the like.

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