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Growing the Economy ...... Step 01 .... Knock Down Every No10 Type Locked Door

Would somebody like to accurately translate and transcribe all of that into alien scripts, starting with but not confined to just Chinese, Arabic, Russian and Japanese, in order that should the Wild Wacky Westerners both across the pond in the not so United States of America and in the European outposts on the Great Asian land mass not wish to explore, exploit and engage with such as pioneering novel future following programs intelligently designed to lead with events perfectly planned for presentation and virtually remote augmented realisation via myriad media streams highlighting and detailing daily breaking alternative news stories and vast 0days for popular global re-education and extremely enjoyable entertainment with Advanced IntelAIgents providing NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Information for SCADASystems Administration/Executive Office Deployment, they can assume the leading roles to applauded and lauded in the vanguard.

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